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My Life Flashed Before My Eyes

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November 8th, 2009

02:12 pm - ONE STEP AT A TIME
I have learned so much about myself in this last year.
I honestly feel like i can do anything i want.
I feel so much stronger and i trust in how i feel way more,
Theres nothing that can stall my life anymore, i wont ever let it.
When you realize you have lived your life more in the last year,
then you did over a span of like three years or whatever it was...
its amazing! and to know im so young and it only gets better and better :D

that was like the first REAL lj entry ive done in forever hahaha.
in other news;
*got my medical license! chyeah!
*got all my finances straightened out finally :D
*and i broke up with my gf kelly like two weeks ago
*got transfered at work to a way busier store. more hours = more $$$
*went to smokeout, saw my friend get a cheap shot w/ brass knucks the same night.

but OVERALL its aaallll goooood! IF YOU DONT KNOW, NOW YA KNOW NIGGA!
Current Mood: happyconfident
Current Music: lil wayne - shine

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March 14th, 2006

02:42 pm - YUP ITS TRUE!

Current Mood: calmcalm
Current Music: Crossed Out - Advice?

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